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We are manufacturers of doorphones and intercoms for PBX and we sell products with the latest technology for communications, assistance, security and energy. In addition, we represent top Brands in IP Telephony like Panasonic and other IP Telephony products very flexible for companies.


We are more than manufacturers or distributors of products. Being integrators of complete solutions we are experts that can offer for your projects in the areas of our specialty, complete technological and operational consulting services, as well as training and R & D.


We are integrators of solutions for technological projects in our areas of expertise. We have implemented integrated emergency intercom solutions for buildings, IP telephony for patient-nurse call systems, assistance systems, among others.



We specialize in Intercommunication, Telephony, Assistance and Security

Quality in customer service

Ciser Systemhas always been characterized by personalized attention to its customers and we are happy if our customers are satisfied. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about our products and services, we will advise you on the projects you have in our areas of expertise.




New distributor in Egipt

We would like to thank for the pleasant meeting held at the Fekra Smart office, between company CEO Mr. Hany Samir and our sales representative Nader Saleh. We are also pleased.


CiserSystem, 20 years manufacturing intercom products

The Panphone product range adapts to the needs of each client. If you require any special order, together we will look for the best solution for your project. Our technical support.


Now our GSM Panphones with different Languages

We recently announced new features of the Panphone GSM equipment. One of these characteristics, which we consider very important, is that you can have pre-recorded messages that.